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A Playbook is a roadmap or blueprint for school improvement. Upon completing the Comprehensive School Health Diagnostic, we can carefully diagnose which areas of school improvement we need to focus on. Our playbooks are based on decades of research on what works in schools. Each playbook has teacher and administrator toolkits that build the structures and processes necessary for improvement and academic success. We add playbooks from time to time in an effort to meet the needs of all of our schools.

Office Meeting
COVID - 19 Tools and School Reintegration

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced schools to quickly change how we educate students. How do I create digitally enhanced or online learning environments that optimize learning for all students? How should teachers and administrators plan for the extreme gap in academics due to the quick transition to remote learning? We have answers to questions like these and more. Click "Considerations" below to learn more.

Office Conversation
12 Principles of Highly Effective Leadership

Every organization should operate with a proven framework for success. Our 12 principle framework is designed to help schools develop leadership capacity within all levels of the organization, create a high-performance culture, solve your most complex problems and challenges, and provide a roadmap to plan and execute your plan effectively.

Data Reviewing
School Health Diagnostic

The PASS Assessment Framework is used to evaluate what areas of school health need support. We use the data from this comprehensive assessment to provide education management, consulting, and professional development services to our partner schools. There are three major areas of focus:

  1. Organizational Health | Focus on PEOPLE

  2. Academic Health | Focus on ACADEMICS

  3. Environmental Health | Focus on SCHOOL and SAFETY

For access to our comprehensive online diagnostic please click the button below. 

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