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School Health Diagnostic

Please fill out the school health diagnostic below so we can get a better understanding of your organization's efforts and needs to better assist you. The diagnostic is broken into 3 sections and should take a few minutes to complete all of the yes/no questions.

Tell us about your organization

Organizational Health

Do all staff members consider themselves as part of a team aligned with specific schoolwide goals?

Do staff members hold themselves and each other accountable for results, high standards, and behavior?

Do certain staff members tend to seek individual recognition?

Academic Health

Does your school provide timely, targeted, systematic interventions to all students who demonstrate the need?

Do you provide interventions in addition to Tier 1 instructions (not in place of it)?

Do you have a systematic process for identifying essential knowledge, skills, and behaviors that all students must master to learn at high levels?

Environmental Health

Do you have a COVID-19 school re-entry plan?

Do you have high rates of serious misconduct or violence?

Do all staff and students feel safe?

Thank you for completing the diagnostic.

Someone from our staff will be in touch with you soon!

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